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Printing Linked List Recursively in C++

Printing Linked List Recursively in C++ Program is given below:

// Printing Linked List Recursively in C++
// Linked List is created by inserting at head and then printing recursively.
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

struct link                           //one element of list
int data;                          //data item
link* next;                        //pointer to next link
class linklist                        //a list of links
link* first;                    //pointer to first link
linklist()                      //no-argument constructor
{ first = NULL; }            //no first link
link* getHead(){ return first; }
void additem(int d);            //add data item (one link)
void displayRecursively(link* current);                 //display all links
void linklist::additem(int d)         //add data item
link *newLink = new link;
newLink->data = d;
//insert at head
newLink->next = first;
first = newLink;
void linklist::displayRecursively(link* current)              //display all links
if (current != NULL){
cout << current->data << endl;  //print data
int main()
linklist li;       //make linked list
li.additem(25);    //add four items to list
li.displayRecursively(li.getHead());      //display entire list
return 0;
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